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The Thai language is difficult for me, so please allow me to switch to English now.
My English isn’t very good, so I apologize if I’m difficult to understand.

Our company is very small - only seven employees. However, we have many famous Japanese companies as our clients.
Our office is located in Hamamatsu city in Shizuoka prefecture, which is famous for the beautiful Mt Fuji.
Mt Fuji is fairly close to us; I can see it on a clear winter day from my home. It looks quite small, though!

Hamamatsu city is relatively big and industrial for a suburban city. There are many internationally famous companies headquartered there, such as Yamaha, Yamaha Motors, Honda, Suzuki, etc.

I myself worked at Yamaha 15 years ago for a period of five years doing Web marketing.

Though in that work we faced many failures and difficulties, we also produced many great results. Based on those experiences, we created our current business style.
Now, making full use of our experience and know-how, we have created an educational program for Web-related professionals.

The Internet is not exactly easy; it includes infrastructure, servers, programing, Web-design, information architecture, and more.

How you utilize the Internet in this world of change has become the key to business growth.
We would like share our know-how on how to conduct Web marketing strategically to many people so that you can take full advantage of Internet development for the Thai people.

It’s time to change the way of working for the Thai people.
We believe there needs to be a change from the style of working in the factory like a machine to a way in which knowledge can be used.
Let’s develop business by using the Web to convey the attraction, strength, and charm of your country, Thailand, to the world.
In addition, let’s create business chances for young people!

Today,you will have a new knowledge.This knowledge will make your future blliant!!

And now, I would like to introduce Mr. Pond who will provide you with a detailed explanation.
Thank you very much for listening.